I'm 32 and wear diapers so embarrassing

I'm 32 have tbi and went from just peeing the bed to completely relying on diapers.  Anyone have any advice. This bothers. But I'm not going to poop my pants at the mall again.

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  • I where Diapers day and night it doesn't bother me. I can't help it so I enjoy life.  I go to college football games tailgate parties basketball games to the malls I go to eat at restaurants.  I take extra diapers with me Wherever I go. I am incontinent of both I just change right away when I have a bm. Just don't let it get to you your still young you have your whole life ahead of you.  Don't worry if people see your diaper no one had ever asked me why I ware Diapers.  I hope this helps you out.

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    • David 

      I also use for bowel and bladder every day.  I live alone and change at home easily.  When I have a bm like now, I rinse off in shower.   I work and sometimes change at work.  My employer knows.  My penis is flaccid and small and can't get hard.  

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      Andrew hola Not really the place to discuss sexual feelings, arousal and/or the ability/inability to "get it up". Save that for another site/forum please. This is for medical conditions relating to incontinence.

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    • its easier not to get hard

  • I'm 64 and have been wearing pull-ups for a few years now due to urinary incontinence and, occasionally, diarrhea.  I was embarrassed at first thinking that people could "tell", but they really can't as a general rule.  I much prefer pull-ups to diapers, they give me the psychological boost of feeling like I'm wearing underwear.

    If you can think of it as support for a medical condition, just like any other medical condition requiring support, it eases the mental discomfort.  Hope this helps.

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  • It might help you feel better to know you are not alone.  You'd be amazed at how many adults wear diapers for any number of reasons.  Just find a size and style that is comfortable and fits your needs, make sure you always have a spare pair when you go out (I keep a pair in a plastic bag that I can then use for disposal if needed) and get out there and do your thing!  Think of it as any other medical condition that you can handle and don't let it impact the rest of your life.

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  • I have suffered from Bedwetting all my life and so I have gotten comfortable wearing some kind of protection in the last 4yrs I have had to wear 24/7 so I know it can be hard but people really don't pay attention to what you might be wearing under your clothes. 

    Wearing Pull-ups or Diapers doesn't make you any less of a Man or Women it's just another form of underwear and it keeps any leaks from getting on our clothes because I have had some embarrassing accidents when I first started having accidents during the day everyone who has had these issues knows exactly what I am talking about.  Life is to short to worry about what people think there are Millions of Incontinent people around the World. 

    Stay padded and Keep Your Head Held High!

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  • Greetings, Erik:

    I had anal cancer, so I received a lot of radiation in the area. (Get those kids vaccinated against HPV!) I have been incontinent of urine and stool since then.

    A urologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering (in Manhattan) told me that an implanted nerve stimulator, about the size of a cardiac pacemaker, can cut down or eliminate incontinence. The impulses keep the muscles contracted. A remote control cuts off the impulses so you can expel your waste periodically.

    Supposedly, my insurance will pay for the implant procedure, but every time I get ready to do it, I get sick (cancer metastasis, viral meningitis, immune deficiencies, etc). One day, I will get it.

    It won't hurt to ask your urologist about this. All the best.


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