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My husband has had a mobility issue since he had his cervical spine surgery and has very little mobility.   He has a mobile scooter,  two walkers and a walker rollator. 

I went on Spin Life's website and spoke with customer service regarding how to purchase a mobile scooter since there are so many choices and I needed to make the best choice for my husband.

After answering some questions (weight,  height, what will the scooter be used for, etc) the consultant recommended the Go Go Elite Traveler 4 Wheel.  I explained that I wanted something light to lift so I wouldn't hurt my back and also user friendly.  Although it was a little more pricey than I had expected to pay, it was so well worth it.  I wanted something light weight to pick up and take apart for travel.  This 4 wheeler has truly been a blessing and when someone looks at me taking it apart to put in my suv, they are amazed.  The battery is not as heavy as some of them.  To get in my SUV, we take the seat off, the battery lifts right off or can stay on to lift but it makes it just a little heavier, lay down the steering mechanism, and lift it in the car.    We go the grocery store, malls, etc and it's so easy to manage.   We also go to restaurants and he's able to sometimes just sit on the scooter to the table because the seat rotates left and right and he sits on it and just turns the seat around to the table.   This one was an excellent choice.

We did have to replace the battery after about a year and a couple of months.   We ordered the battery from Spin Life and it was delivered in about 3-4 days.

Through Spin Life we were able to pay it off in 12 monthly payments so the funding didn't come right out of our pockets.   Excellent choice.

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