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Hi forum members and visitors,  Looking for heavy absorbency?  Try our premium line of  briefs, pads and underwear from Attends.   You can find them here !    Use coupon code ForumAP10 on your first order and save 10% !   Try them out and let us know what you think !!  Cheers   --Betty   


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  • I bought a bag of these recently.  They are good for bowel and bladder and night time use.  The wings are weak and porous and let odors escape.  ALso, when the brief is all wet and you hold one end, the inside falls to the bottom - they clump.  

    • Andrew hola 

      They are actually quite comfortable for home use.

    • Gan Eden
    • Gan_Eden
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Great for a usa made product.  1 issue is simple, velcro cloth like briefs do not work well for highly active incontinent individuals. 

    I've spoken with many about this same subject and majority concurs a newer poly back, highly absorbent brief should be re-marketed.

    The 90s and early 2000s had varieties of such as well as wiastbands, larger tabs, even some had wide single tabs. Grandparents had better nursing staff so the thin briefs were changed more often however nowadays that is reverse cycled whereas no staff, thin brief/pad, multiple skin issues with function and fit.

    No such thing as a regular. My waist for instance is 29. Good luck getting that sized correctly much less the velcro popping off constantly (I regained my abilities slowly and returned to custom home reconstruction as my lifes business) so it's a catch 22, soft cloth for bedridden and a new line of super poly for adults in such positions to be active.

    We make such a big deal over Fit but seem to have lost the Form and Function.

    I really enjoy your company, the quick deliveries, the great selection and now this forum.

    Thank you so much.

    Mr. Eden 

    Incomplete sci 2002


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