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Is Skipping Breakfast is Healthy and it helps in Weight Loss Efforts or not, what are the Findings?

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  • If you want to lose your weight then you need to do the  best workout for weight loss. It is not really hard but its also not to easy and it will surely help you to lose your weight. 

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  • Hey,hi....umm... no...infact having breakfast is the most important part....in order to lose ur weight... u can cut the calories...nd do some wokrouts on a regular basis.... 

    yeah i knwm.. it's very hard to do workouts daily...but a small tip from my side.... is.. whenevrr u feel like.. ugghhh... again i have to do workout today..... thn at that very moment think...of.... why u started the exercise.. just by knwing ur " why"....u will be focussed on what u r doing... think.. what will be the result of doing ur workout! 

    hope it will help u... nd any other questions... thn dont hesistate... am alwyz dere馃槉馃槉

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  • It works for some, if used as an 18 hour fast from you last meal. Essentially you have had a passive fast while asleep and only need a few more hours of active fasting to be effective.  The big question is how often to do this. Many advocate protein in the morning hours. 

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  • If working out is not for you, just cutting calories is enough. It take 35000 calories burned from working out to lose 1 pound. I am doing a low cal diet through a weight loss clinic and I am averaging about 25lbs a month loss. I eat 3 meals a day and 3 snacks. I am limited to a 1000 calories a day. I can eat whatever I want as long as I stay within the 1000 calories. For breakfast I have 1 pk of oatmeal and a cut up apple (no skin) for about 200 cal. I buy low cal bread, cheese, tuna, sugar free jam, sugar free jello , sugar free pudding, skinny pop popcorn, lean cuisine, smart ones..its getting easier to stay in the the calorie range, just have to buy smart! I still work out but the DR says it is not necessary. I was sick for a week and didnt go to the gym and I still consistently lost! If you start skipping meals your body thinks you are starving it and will start to store the food you do eat! Ive gained from skipping meals. Dont do it!

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  • Your biggest meal of the day should be on breakfast. Skipping breakfast will lower your metabolism. I think you should skip dinner. Eat full on breakfast and lunch, so you will not be hungry at dinner. But if you feel hungry then you can eat fruits. But don't skip breakfast.  See the image you will understand it better.

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  • It has been my experience that skipping breakfast which is the most important meal of the day can cause your metabolism to slow down ,therefore causing less energy and weight gain.

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  • I think every meal is important. It is important to focus on the content of the meal, as opposed to  skipping it. 

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  • Breakfast is the meal or the day.

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  • It has been my experience that skipping meals doesn't work. I've heard that if you deprive the body of food, any time it gets more than it needs it will store the unused calories into fat for future lean times.

    Eliminating processed foods, especially those with lots of added sugars, fats, salts and chemicals is a good practice. Eating lots of raw fresh fruits and veggies in smoothies and salads has been working for me. 

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  • I think breakfast is good to have, but just eat a lighter dinner

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  • I think its fine as long as you feel good and get nutrition later

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