Mom with dementia wants to leave the house

What suggestions are there when your mom (who has Dementia) constantly wants to leave the house?  

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  • You could always try putting a black rug in front of the doors. For some reason it seems to work for those with Dementia. I guess it looks like a black hole to them and they don't wanna step on it.

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  • We let our father take his normal daily walk around the block, which he had taken for 20 years, until he started to fear he would get lost and stopped going on his own.  

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  • For my Husband we had to put inside deadbolt locks. Then hide the key. He had gotten out the house and I had a nervous breakdown

    • Ofer Sabadosh   That's a good idea keeping their natural routine going, my mother got  Dementia at 46. And was an avid golfer and loved walking in town  in the evenings so we did that as long as she was able.

      Mycena Dickerson So horrible, I'm glad you are ok now. Yes, I can see that happening so easy my mother got lost in Northroms downtown. And a client got away from me at the Seafair parade I notified a policeman in the parking garage and saw her below, ran down and found her. There's nothing more terrifying then losing a person that's not able to communicate.

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  • Important that people with dementia keep walking as long as they can. Most everyone enjoys walking in the parks. We hung a sleigh bell on the door that made a loud racket and would wake us and alert us. 

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  • Please put alarms on the doors (you can buy inexpensive ones at my Mother kept going outside and wandering all the time until one evening she went next door when the neighbors were on vacation. She feel down the porch steps and broke her neck, thank the good Lord it didn't kill her but she was in the hospital and rehab for months after that. They finally helped me get her into a Memory Care facility and she is being taken care of by wonderful people now. I can sleep nights knowing she is safe. 🔊

  • There are small sensor tags that can be attached to a dog's collar so you can use GPS to find them. You can put on on a necklace, bracelet or attach to their clothing.  An ID bracelet or dog tag with your cell number and their name would help. Keeping them in a secure area is the first priority but things happen. You can be at the supermarket or mall and they could wander off easily. I was visiting someone at a retirement home and they had a good way to keep people safe. You needed an ID card to get out any door except the guarded front door. Those with dementia had a bracelet that alerted the guard if they went into the lobby and approached the door. 

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  • I know what you are going through.  My Mother would want to get outside.  I put a lock on the door higher than she could reach or see.  Just a simple lock,  and yes she would get extremely mad that she could not get the door open but redirecting her to something she loved to do would calm her down.  

  • Hello ! Well I'm taking care 2 different cases. @ one is a COPD and CHF . And  the other one  is the alzheimer  . Very 2 diderents cases . My parents are married for 63 years always together.  So  I'm deal every single day with them  , I think my best souls  is the Love . I can make so much  with them , with Love. I am coloring,  talk , a lot of games involve in activities even the I know is little difficult  especialty for mom but I can make that magic.  I remember one day I took mom to the Dr. They want to amputate her foot , but I work so hard on her , the 2 months after , mom was walking by her self . I take them to walk , to restaurants,  and the key is talk . God Bless everyone 

  • I used to put Things in front of the door That would make noise to wake me up when mom would try to escape in the middle of the night. This was before moving her into assisted living when her activities became too much for us to handle Snd still maintain our own bLives.
     You might also want to take a look at Apollo Health website with Dr Bredesen. It’s pretty amazing:

    I have no relation to this company other than I have been using their services and has helped me greatly. 

    Best Regards, Scott

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