Effective Ways for Getting Rid of Autoimmune Disease and Disorder

It might disturb you to acknowledge that there are more than 80 Autoimmune diseases! Autoimmune disease is the imbalance of the immune system. The imbalance presents itself in many different ways in different bodies. NYC Stem Cell Institute is offering non-surgical ways such as stem cell therapy NYC for getting relief from body pain or injury.

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  • I am looking for info  re my autoimmune disease nd tge bcg treatme t for my bladder cancers

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  • You may contact us by calling here: (646) 480-1259.  We are offering free consultation.

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  • I too have had AD, and found that minimizing carb intake and drinking Red Tea have GREATLY improved my symptoms! My Doctor recommended Red Tea for blood sugar and weight loss issues, but found that it has strengthened my Immunity GREATLY! I lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks. My elimination has never been better, my skin and hair are healthier and my aches and pains have subsided! I'm not one for "Cure-Alls" but this stuff has been transformative...my M.D swears by it! 

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    • Robbie Hartzell what is red tea ?

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  • I would like info on red tea also?

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  • I like Proteolytic enzymes to help take down inflammation.

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  • Had GBS about 6 years ago and still have residual. Wondering if anything can be done to help with that?

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    • Lindsay Hood 

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  • Taking proteolytic enzymes is a great way to reduce inflammation. Also going gluten free is very important. Eliminating nightshades can also help.

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  • I too have found that minimizing or eliminating carbs (yes even fruits) and nightshades has helped me a lot! The red tea referred to might be Red Rooibos. I am finally seeing a naturopath after years of researching myself and what a relief to feel hard,, understood and have hope! 

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  • Thanks for this information

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