Share & Q's, etc.: Importance of Resources & Support Network

Recently, I have been feeling like I don't have an adequate support networt  &/or  "tools" to deal with my mental health issues.

I recently spoke to my therapist about this and she recommended an online Facebook support group called "OCD & Anxiety Support Group". I am looking forward to checking it out.

I have found faith, or a spiritual belief system to be helpful in dealing with my mental health issues as well.

I am actually a Christian, but I have respect for people of all beliefs.

There is a book I found that apparently has offered a ton of practical help to Christians with OCD.... I bought it not too long ago, but don't have the focus to read alone. I am hoping and praying I can find someone in the facebook group to read it over the phone with me....

Anyway, I wanted to give the book's title, in case anyone else is interested in exploring it, and/or reading the reviews: "Strivings Within - The OCD Christian: Overcoming Doubt in the Storm of Anxiety", by Mitzi VanCleve.

I suffer with other form of mental illness as well, but I won't list all of them.

Lately, I've been tapping into my "inner child", as cheesy as that may sound.

I've been talking a lot with a friend of mine who attends phone meetings for Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families (ACA). I've been slowly regaining my sense of fun, and playing with stickers of all things!

One of the things I do is keep a gratitude journal, and use tons of fun stickers in it.

I'm no Pollyanna, tho, believe you me!!! Sometimes I totally lose perspective, and that's when I'm grateful for the support of my parents, and ... occassionally ... even my therapist's crisis phone number.

She's an angel.

Hoping to make more friend and improve my support network, though. Joined one face-to-face support group in town, even though I have social phobia. I feel safe there because it's small, and I'm very grateful for it, even tho it's only once every other week.

Thank you to the other people who posted under the mail topic.

Would love to hear more thoughts!  

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  • I have found online resources to be helpful.  Your local NAMI association is also a good resource for helpful advice and support.


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