How to deal with someone with Alzheimer's with behaviors

I'm a nurse in a dementia unit. I love my job except for a  resident that believes her parents and husband are still alive. She has episodes of wanting to go home to see her parents and husband. She starts screaming and tries to hit staff because she can't leave and will keep trying to stand up from her wheelchair. She is a high fall risk. She can't be left alone and we don't have the staff to do a 1 on 1 with her.  Redirecting doesn't work. She is seen by a psychiatrist and is on medication, but nothing is helping. I don't know how to handle her. I really don't want to quit but that might be the only solution.



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  • I totally understand...I'm not a nurse that deals with such care however my sis/law has Alzheimer's and has become aggressive over the last few months, mostly verbal but  has swung or pushed a few times... she too sees her deceased parents, wants to go home (she moved from OK to CA 3 yrs ago. Her husband wants to place her because of stress, our health(we both are medically disabled :( )  but we can't find a place because of her aggression. I don't have the words for you as I'm searching too but this I'll say...breathe, pray, scream(outside) & don't lose your compassion!!

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  • My mother has vascular dementia and my Dad is very ill at the moment. Both have been with my husband and I since December 2020. Without going into all the details ... I am beyond stressed out and very angry. How do I move past these feelings and get to a good place. I try going for bike rides, walking my dogs and even taking CBD drops. I am simply overwhelmed. 


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