My mom thinks assisted living staff is stealing

My mom calls me every day to tell me that someone came into her room and stole something even her key from around her wrist. She thought that someone stole her glasses and moved them to another spot in her room. She will not admit that she misplaced things even though she finds them later.  This has been getting worse the last couple of months. What can I do to convince her no one is coming in her room and moving her things around?

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  • Hi Dawn,

    Sounds frustrating for sure!

    Is your mom in a Memory Care setting in AL or just AL?

    Her paranoia is  normal sign of a progression of Cognitive Impairment. It can however, be a symptom of other underlying medical issues such as a UTI. But since you said it is getting worse over the past couple months I would assume it to be the former rather than the latter. 

    I would also ask the facility ( if you dont know) if there have been any recent medication changes. Some medications have increased paranoia as a side effect.

    Has she been evaluated by a Neurologist? That would be my first step.

    Secondly, is she living in an apartment setting? Maybe the environment is to overwhelming for her, to much to keep track of anymore. Sometimes downsizing to a smaller living environment can help. 

    I'm happy to help answer any more questions you may have. 

    Good luck with your mom and I  hope you both stay healthy! 


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