Frankly. The last thing I want to read and focus on is ~~ Demamtia/Altzheimers~~

It’s bad enough my husb is and always has been self centered and comes from a self centered family who NOW gather around him like he’s the king of Sheeba. While I’m left to love with him and know what he’s teally like.     I’ve read and know enough NOW about this mind stealer that things are only going to get worse for me while he just walks around in la la land being cared for and dementia ppl don’t even know what they do is wrong.   the main things I’m working as far as living with him are these.  #1.   DO NOT ARGUE    #2. DO NOT CORRECT #2.  DO NOT  TRY TO REASON WITH.  

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  • Wishing you strength and grace 

  • As I read your comment (several times) I am trying to wrap my mind around what you have stated.  A side the fact that your husband (may or not be) self-centered you chose to marry him.  Now, that he has developed Alzheimer's /Dementia, you sound resentful  and inconvenienced. You have seemed to have taken his disease and turned it around and made it all about YOU! The title of your comment alone clearly shows your lack of compassion.  FURTHERMORE ; your comment on him walking around in "La La Land" is disrespectful to anyone living with this horrible disease! If you are not wanting to give your husband the care that he needs and deserves, it sounds like he would be better cared for in a assisted living facility! 

  • You hit the nail on the head on all topics.  We signed on for better or worse.  This may be worse, but we still signed on.  It takes strength to care for the saying goes 'man up'.

  • How do you cope with feelings getting hard when it"s the dementia talking and not the person you love?

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