Frequently Asked Questions about the Program

Below are a few frequently asked questions.

Q: When did the program start?

A: Shelter enrollment began December 2019 and donations were initiated during the month of February 2020.


Q: How many shelters / foodbanks are currently enrolled in the program?

A: As of this writing there are 270 enrolled entities, including yours.


Q: How do donations work?

A: Donations are essentially a voluntary transfer of food points sent by our customers, into the accounts of our enrolled entities. Once a donation is made to your account, an email notification will be sent to the email address you included with your profile. You may then login to your Betty Mills account and add food or beverage items to your shopping cart and use the donated points as currency at the checkout. There are several thousand food and beverage selections to choose from.


Q: When can we expect to see donations?

A: To date there have been over 2,850 individual donations totaling over $56,000. 


Q: Can our entity use our donated points in exchange for anything other than food or beverages?

A: At this time only food and beverages are able to be exchanged for points. That may change in the future.


Q: Can our shelter earn additional points if we purchase our regular supplies from Betty Mills, such as PPE, toiletry, bedding, first aid, food, office, medical or sanitary supplies?

A: Yes.  Any purchase made by your entity entitles you to earn additional points just as other Betty Mills customers earn points.  Just be sure to login to your account first.


Q: We are donor funded. Can our internal donor network transfer their earned points to our entity when they purchase necessary shelter supplies on our behalf?

A: Yes.  Simply remind them to transfer their points to your entity once they are received.


Q: How can I find products that we can use to earn more points?

A: You can search over 150,000 products at or you can visit our Homeless Shelter Supplies page below:


Q: Can our various related shelter entities transfer points between themselves?

A: Yes.  In your MyAccount page locate the link to ‘Transfer Donations’.  Your MyAccount page can be found here:


Q: Who pays for shipping?

A: The Shelter pays for shipping, however many thousands of our products already include Free Shipping.  


Q: Am I able to connect with other Shelters enrolled in the program?

A: YES !  We have created a community forum just for this purpose.  Use your shelter login email to sign up at the link below to access the forum and introduce yourself.

Thank you for being a part of our program.  Should you have any questions, please let us know!

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