Great Resource/ Cause for Incontinent Young People

Please check out the Youth Rally- an amazing nonprofit summer camp for kids 11-17 experiencing any bowel/bladder related conditions, run by volunteers experiencing the same conditions! Check out the link for more information. It changed my life as a kid, and still as an adult. Hope to see you there!!!

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  • Thank you for posting this Jada, what a great resource!    -- Betty

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  • This is a way to teach young people to be self managing with regard to their diapers, catheters, wheelchairs and other issues.

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    • Andrew hola   It's also the first time that kids outside of special needs see other people - adults and kids that use adult briefs, self managing, wipes, adaptive clothing etc.  they have likely not ever changed themselves or another person. The use of catheters is hard too. Since the supplies are so much better now, it will be easier to teach young people to use them.  These kids cannot go to a regular camp and would like to have an overnight experience.   

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    • Jay Evert
    • Jay_Evert
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    Jada Sheeler  - This is wonderful. The 2021 session will be virtual. However, where is the actual campground located? I see several candidates from the website and newsletters. Or is it a traveling road show from year to year?

    1. "We are excited to announce that Youth Rally will be transitioning to a virtual setting in 2021. While we’d much rather be on-site in Boulder as planned, we’re excited to have the additional planning time in 2021." [Boulder, Colorado?]

    2. "Emily N. Mallar
    President, Youth Rally (volunteer since 2003)
    Ithaca, NY | 607.592.3728"

    3. "Campers arrived at the University of Washington [in Seattle], were reunited with old friends, and met their groups. We had a great evening bowling and playing games at the UW HUB."

    4. Another photo caption shows "2017 Youth Rally Campers in San Diego, CA"


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