TrudyAnn Williams

Founder & CEO
Brooklyn, NY
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TrudyAnn Williams, Founder and CEO of Destiny Helpers Outreach Inc. is an advocate for at risk youth and families living in shelters. Her passion comes from having grown up in Tivoli Gardens, a community labeled as “The Mother of all Garrison” in Jamaica. On a daily basis she saw young teenage girls having babies and young teenage boys becoming gang members. It was as if they saw no alternative, but TrudyAnn was determined to change the rhetoric for as many young women, young men and families she could. To help, she tutored, facilitated education and community programs, served as a role model for many and lead by example. Having moved to New York, she found many communities suffered the same fate. As such, TrudyAnn has set out on a mission to change individual, one community at a time. She believes in creating and sustaining model communities that are safe for individuals to live, work and raise families. She commits to this everyday.

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