Method to gradually quit alcohol

In this article you will find what is alcoholism, what are the consequences of it for health and method to stop drinking gradually.


Addictions to toxic substances are chronic diseases that affect the brain and behavior, characterized by dependence on one or more drugs that are harmful to the body, in this case alcohol. There are two types of alcoholism:

Type I: occurs in adults and is characterized by having stages with large punctual intakes with intervals of abstemiousness, but these intervals are increasingly smaller, and can lead to great dependence and the development of liver disease.

Type II: occurs in adolescents and is often related to a violent history. The increase in alcohol consumption is not progressive.

Symptoms of alcohol addiction are anxiety to consume it, loss of control, inability to stop drinking, physical dependence, which causes withdrawal syndrome (sweating, fever, tremors) when you stop taking it, and tolerance (need drinking increasing amounts of alcohol).

In addition, excessive consumption of this drug leads to serious health problems, both mental (depression, psychosis) and physical (damage to the liver, brain), and even death.

Treatment is multidisciplinary, which includes psychological therapy, such as group or individual therapy, family or couple psychotherapy, relapse prevention, administration of drugs, self-help groups, social services, specialized care, among others.

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