Helpful hints for Dementia Caregivers?

Even little hints that will make life easier will be most helpful.

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  • I think patience and understanding is the key.  Showing LOVE is so important.

    Thank you Marcella Brinkley

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  • We don't have a lot of money to spend on respite, but I found someone who is skilled with elderly, and she comes in just 4 hours a week, 2 hours on 2 days. This, although small, is huge. Just that little bit has given me a boost. And the fact that she likes and understands my mother is a huge bonus. I recommend finding respite for even 1 hour a week. It helps so much to know that hour is coming.

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  • After nine months I need to try some of these ideas....  24/7 is a lot.

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  • Hello fellow man, I have very good results with the people I met from Rodina Self-care. A group of international volunteers. My father was within 2 weeks so much better that we gained hope again. You can also contact them and have a talk.

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  • I just want all to know we have learned 3 thing dealing with Alzheimer's/Dementia. The first is SALT, we noticed meals high in salt triggered extreme episodes of unawareness and disconnection from reality. So try limiting salt in every meal. The next is light levels, we saw that on days that were partly sunny and light levels in the living room fluctuated through the day that we experienced bouts of Sundowners syndrome. This was basically eliminated by maintaining consistent light levels in the room all day long regardless of weather conditions. The last goes to those with breathing issues, the medicine in a product called Combivent can cause significant memory issues.  The drug affecting memory is Ipotropium,  DO NOT let a hospital give this to a loved one!! The memory loss due to this drug is astounding in how fast and how completely it affects Alzheimer's. If breathing treatments are needed ask for Albuterol ONLY. This is all base on our experiences with our Grandmother and now my mother, Hopefully it will help some of you.

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  • Janet Hildreth

    Janet Hildreth ,

    I just thought I would join this group for some answers. Lately O feel like I'm sinking and do not know which way to go or what to do. I'm  a 72 yr old widow taking care of a 90 yr old mother with dementia

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  • Janet...unless you take care of yourself, you will sink.  Caregiving takes a heavy toll on us!  Are you in a city?  A rural area?  Can you access a senior center?  How about someone in your circle of family, friends, neighbors?  There should be programs available to help you.  Do you have Meals-on-Wheels?  Your doctor may be a good resource as well.  

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