Ten different types of wound care dressings and how they work.

  1. Gauze Dressings: They are made of cotton or synthetic fibers and help absorb excess fluid from the wound.

  2. Hydrocolloid Dressings: They contain a gel-forming agent and absorb wound exudate, creating a moist wound environment.

  3. Foam Dressings: They have a porous structure and are designed to absorb exudate and maintain a moist wound environment.

  4. Alginate Dressings: Made from seaweed, they absorb excess fluid and form a gel-like substance to protect the wound.

  5. Hydrogel Dressings: They are made of 90% water and provide a moist environment to aid in wound healing.

  6. Film Dressings: They create a barrier to protect the wound from external contaminants and help to prevent infection.

  7. Composite Dressings: They are a combination of different types of dressings and are used to provide wound protection, absorb exudate and promote healing.

  8. Honey Dressings: They contain antibacterial properties and help to promote wound healing.

  9. Silver Dressings: They contain silver ions and are used to prevent or treat infected wounds.

  10. Absorbent Dressings: They absorb exudate from the wound and help to keep it dry.

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