The Ultimate Keto Meal Plan

You will find information in this article about this diet, what it consists of and its benefits, as well as menus to follow it




The keto or ketogenic diet is an eating plan that is being talked about a lot lately. It consists of eating foods rich in fat and protein and leaving carbohydrates aside. This means that you can eat meat, dairy, eggs and seafood, but pasta, potatoes, bread, soda and even some fruits are prohibited.

The popularity of this diet is due to its great effectiveness in losing weight thanks to the ketosis effect it produces, that is, fat is used as the main source of energy.

And it is true that this diet helps to reduce measures, but at what price? The truth is that the keto plan is not for everyone, in fact it is designed mainly for the management of psychiatric and neurological diseases.

In the words of the Bachelor of Nutrition, Nicole Marquez:

The Keto diet was invented for people with neurological problems, and then they saw that it worked very well with obesity, overweight and high triglycerides.


1. It can complement the treatment of some neurological and psychiatric problems such as schizophrenia or seizures.

2. Helps to lose weight effectively.

3. It can increase energy.

4. Has a positive effect on mood.

5. It can help with diseases such as diabetes or fatty liver.

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