headache relief

I have frequent headaches, all over my head, especially in behind the eyes. Does anyone have a good remedy for this?

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  • This is very common i also need remedy for this problem. anyone can suggest. plz

  • I suffer from these too. Does anyone have some info to offer? Thanks

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  • re: a headache

    This is an extremely complex subject, not well understood at all. Anytime you deal with the brain, eyes, you are into neurons and their pathways. If it is just a plain " headache", with no other manifestations, like an aura or vision, then one can rule out a migraine. Simple headaches respond best to "acetaminophen",(Tylenol) or in some people "Ibuprofen" (Motrin, Advil) work as well. I hope this helps.


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  • If it is a sinus headache then you can flush out the sinuses with a netti pot. I used to have bad sinus headaches years ago until I started taking Fenugreek every day. No headache for the past 19 years. 

    • Carmine Pescatore  

      re: neti pot

      Yes, it can be helpful, but extreme care should be taken to avoid any bacterial infection, using sterile water and keeping the Neti Pot clean. As for Fenugreek, I am not familiar with it to be helpful for headaches.

  • Other than the medicine you can follow some ways may be it will help you.

    1. Don"t spent more time in front of high light.

    2. Don't look at digital medium for longer time.

    3. Don't listen loud sounds. Though I am not a doctor but whenever i got headaches I follow this steps.

  • I have heard of relief or remedy by adding ginger to your diet: tea, root, candy. Any form, if ginger is in your system you should be less prone to headaches.

  • Myself, I mostly get this type of headache when I don't have enough sleep or stressed out for schools exams or work.

  • I used to suffer from these types of headaches. Totally gone now for over 9 months, due to what I've learned (and implemented) from Anthony William in his book, Medical Medium.  I highly recommend.

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  • My first attempt to treat a headache is take 2 ibuprofen tablets and 2 acetaminophen tablets together with a caffeinated drink. Here is a link addressing taking the 2 meds together. https://www.goodrx.com/blog/is-it-safe-to-take-tylenol-acetaminophen-with-advil-or-motrin-ibuprofen/

    Immediately after taking the meds, I take a hot bath, preferably with lavender soap for aroma therapy, to get the meds into circulation.  This provides  heat therapy which can improve circulation and vascular function.  After the bath, I rub peppermint essential oil on my neck and shoulders.  Be sure to wash your hands afterwards.  Accidentally getting the oil in your eyes isn't pleasant. This routine usually eliminates my headache or knocks the edge off considerably.   I hope this helps somebody.

  • I also get a lot of headaches

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