Back surgery?

Stenosis of lumbar Disc and fractures. Has anyone had back surgery?

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  • My 94 yr old dad, in Massachusetts, last year. His condition had deteriorated over a decade and finally he was (suddenly one day) unable to move either of his legs.  Had extensive surgery L3-L5, and one revision since. Great outcome! He uses a wheelchair now and is also up walking. 

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  • I did last year. Stenosis and disk. Removed 2 bones so the sciatic nerve wasn't crowded. Had a rip in my disc and they fixed that. Cleaned it up. Pain isn't as bad but I'm still seeing a pain management doctor and taking oxycodone and buprenorphine. Oh yeah and gabapentin and muscle relaxers. I was hoping the surgery would fix all of that, but I'm still in a considerate amount of  pain. Its been hell.

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  • I have a back fusion 2 rods and 8 screws. Lower Lumbar. had this done 8 year  ago. I also had pain return in my legs a few years after this and have had a pain simulator implanted in my spine and it covers a lot of pain but my back is so weak, I use a walker. But that beats not walking.

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  • Wow, you have it alot worse than me. I'm so sorry. My left leg hasn't ever stopped hurting. It can be controlled by pain meds but the government won't let us do that. Oklahoma is even worse. Those people don't have any empathy what so ever. My money says that if it happens to any one of them, they sure would be taking more than they allow us. Makes me so angry. Praying I don't have any more problems than what I have. Praying for you also. Are you taking any pain meds?

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    • Karen Roberts 

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  • I was in the operating room for 20 years as a consultant to surgeons, and I will say that back surgery is 50% successful at best. if you fractured bone and herniated a disc, I would look at bone density issues as well as disc herniation. Make sure the surgeon does your surgery a few times a week (experienced) and he is not trying some new technique on you.

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  • Well, my surgeon is the Chief of surgery so I would hope he's up to speed. The bad thing is, I only get to see his PA and apparently he doesn't know how to read a MRI. I'm pretty much  through with that dude. Last time I was there he said the only thing he could do was give me some ointment and use the lidocaine patches. 

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  • Blood flow, nutrients and CBD boosts the immune system and boosts the body’s healing. CBD, acupuncture, Infrared light, cryotherapy and so much more can help. There are many ways to heal and reduce pain and different modalities help different people.

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  • Yes, I've tried CBD oil, and acupuncture. Doesn't help. I've also have sciatica. Only things that help is oxycodone, gabapentin, and my inversion table. And they keep cutting back on the oxycodone because stupid politicians are butting into medicine. And now my back and leg hurt all the time.

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