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Does anyone use a supplement or can recommend anything for an elderly woman (94!!) to boost energy?  I am the daughter and full time caregiver---my Mom is active and does her own light housework,  laundry, etc---She is drinking Boost, and does do protein shakes every morning---I make sure she is eating lots of protein, veggies, etc.  and does take a vitamin B supplement.  Am I doing all that i can, or is there more we could do?  Want to hear from you all regarding this!

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  • Some 94 year olds are active, but eventually we all slow down.   My father is 84 and slowing down a bit.   Resting during the day may occur more often, some forgetfulness may occur.   It's just the aging process.  Just by being part of her life and encouraging her is helping her to remain vibrant.   Keep on doing what you're doing.

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  • Thanks so much for your help--I guess I forget that she is just showing her age--she is still sharp, and her memory is there!!  I am just going to be there for her--thanks for your encouragement!!!

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  • Have you perchance had her iron levels checked recently? I started taking a good iron supplement after finding out I was anemic, and my energy level has improved dramatically! :) 

  • Hello you may want to try Centrum Silver it works well for my mom.


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