Tingling in fingertips

Does anyone experience tingling in their fingertips? I'm not sure how to describe it, but it's almost like you've been holding something that vibrates for a bit and then you put it down but it feels like you're still holding it; if that makes any sense? I get this on and off throughout the day at random times for the past month or so, at no specific times.

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  • Hi, sounds like maybe a touch of peripheral neuropathy.  Have you had chemotherapy before?  Or have you been checked for diabetes or high blood sugar?  If not, maybe get your blood sugar level checked. I know because I have PN from chemotherapy and it feels like that at times.  Hope it improves over time.  

  • I often awaken with tingling fingers. I have to shake them several minutes before they feel normal again. 

  • Yes,I get the same sensations in my fingertips.  I have been diagnosed by my neurologist as having peripheral neuropathy.  Mine is the result of chemotherapy which I'm happy to say was successful.


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