What is the most absorbent 34" by 36" underpad/bedliner and how many fluid ounces does it hold?

I now sometimes sleep through my urinary incontinence events, so that when I do wake up my Medline Sofnit 300 pad, which is designed to hold 8 fl. oz., is overfull, leaks around the edges and drips when I carry it into the laundry room. I want to find a more absorbent underpad in the same size or roughly so. Does anyone have relevant information?

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  • I have problems with leakage with all the incontense devices I have used in 7 years

  • So far I like the McKesson ultra under-pad for my husband and even though not perfect, they are good.  It is 30"x36" and I use it under his sheets between those and his mattress pad.  The only problem I have with any of them is the fact that they bunch up and gather under him if used in contact with the body.

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    • Gladys Hodges Thanks for the input!

  • Why don't they put sticky tape on the back like they do for good nights for toddlers 

  • We mostly use the Tranquility pads. As well as the Tranquility briefs and boosters.  I'm quadriplegic and cannot move Myself.  Often during the day in bed I go without underwear or disposable briefs. So the pads are a big help if I leak or have a full accident. At night I wear the Tranquility ATN overnight briefs.  I have rarely had any leaks. So the bed pad is more used for changing Me then anything. They also have the sizes for My wheelchair. 

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  • I wish someone would make a highly absorbent bed pad that could hold a large amount...its sad that suffering severe incontinence is so ignored by companies that make products. We used to order 48" x36" Monster pads for large dogs (yes thats the name) from Amazon...they started out expensive then almost doubled in price (we still bought them) then they stopped seling them...just poof and the product page is gone. I know that a larger very absorbent bedpad would sell like crazy...someone please hear us!!

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      Kimberly Coombs - Especially if the pads are soft.


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