Urinary inconvenience

I feel that diapers cause uninary inconcontine

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  • I assure you, I started wearing the diapers after I began wetting myself, not before.

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      Thomas Lee Boles I believe the post refers to babies being placed in diapers? Some believe in the cloth diapers or the original cloth diapers that were like a towel. The wetness caused irritation, making children, especially little boys, potty train faster. Newer diapers from the last few decades could possibly have an effect, especially the newer snapon cloth diapers for all ages. Teens regress to it due to some reason or another and some adults later do it as well. Those are called fetishes aka ABDL. Unlike those of us that require being diapered 24/7 due to medical reasons, they do it out of fun, comfort, etc. We do it to survive.

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  • I  also have an adult problem with both bowel  and bladder control. I have a lifelong problem with irritable bowels. Now that I am 73 years old, my bladder "ain't like it was when it used to be."

    I have a different fetish--balloons or anything inflatable. The diapers also allow me to indulge that without messing my pants. The Saddle Roll exercise balls/balloons, with their luscious curves, are especially attractive--even, occasionally, to pop. Unfortunately, my  small budget  severely limits that. I am always on the lookout for discounts, with little success

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  • Mary Louise Hawkins - Is that a vague, unsubstantiated personal fancy or do you have any sources to cite?


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