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Is anyone else on here fully continent but just enjoys a bit of "recreational diaper wearing" on the weekends? I feel for actual incontinent people.... I wouldn't want to be stuck in diapers forever, but when it's by choice, they can be really nice and comforting. So yeah...

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  • I know that there are teenagers and whatnot that experiment with diapers/nappies long after being "potty-trained". It's not "unhealthy" nor "wrong" to do so, though some might get bullied/laughed at for doing so/getting caught doing so. Many stories of embarrassing moments people got caught wearing diapers "for fun/comfort" long after the average person was potty-trained.

    Dr Phil once covered a story about an adult businessman that spent thousands of dollars monthly for his "baby addiction", including literally everything ABDL you can possibly buy, adult cribs, adult diapers/bibs/pacifiers/bottles and much much more. By the end of the show Dr Phil decided that it was not exactly "wrong" nor "abnormal" but more of a choice of comfort, not always aimed at something tragic in someone's past or anything specific.

    As a fully incontinent wearer myself, I can attest to there being moments of worry/embarrassment that someone may make fun of you or "catch you in diapers", possibly even taking a video to post on social media to make fun of you behind your back over something you literally have zero control over in the first place. As a victim of rape and child molestation by my biological father til he was arrested at Age 9, it can be hard going through the days pretending nothing is wrong.

    I feel for those that can simply wear them out of boredom/comfort and are not literally bound to them 24/7 due to some medical reason or another. You have power beyond my control.

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      Scott Keyser You can read my answer below.

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  • I've been in diapers for almost 30 yrs due to being a diabetic.

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    • Ron Morrison I went over my experience in a couple post replies. I use the Northshore MegaMax for nights myself because they are perfect for overexcessive wetting as well as just normal bedwetting as well. Waiting for a reply from Northshore regarding a request for Small size sample to see if they will be a better fit than Medium. Currently I just got done ordering 3 sample packs from ABDLfactory.com to see what else is out there worldwide

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  • Glad to meet you.How long have you been incontinent?

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    • Ron Morrison Basically my entire life. Raped and molested by my biological father til age 9 when he was arrested left literally zero muscle control to stop it or even the sensation of it coming in the first place to know to stop it. Irreparable muscle damage for about 34 years of my 35 year life

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  • That is really a bad deal lucky nothing ever happen to me. My trouble started when turned 50 started wetting the bed and my pants so by mutual agreement was returned to diapers to keep things dry my wife is happy. My incontinence is due to being a diabetic.

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  • Since I'm incontinent more often than not, I admit that not having to hurry to a bathroom when the urge to pee hits unexpectedly is very comforting.  When I can feel a full/nearly full bladder and conveniently get to a place to pee, I do and thereby extend the wear time for the diaper.

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  • I can understand your feelings.  Just the thought of a nice comfy diaper sounds wonderful.  Unfortunately I wear them and pads and etc. because I'm incontinent.  Wish it were otherwise.  Lots of luck to you and yours.

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  •  like to wear diapers just for the comfort of them. I wear them 24/7 because i like them

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  • I've been in diapers off and on my whole life it started out as punishment I would curse or do something I wasn't supposed to and my punishment would be having to wear pink Pampers in front of everyone and being a boy I believe really messed me up because eventually I would get in trouble just so I could wear diapers I remember when I was about 10 I started wetting the bed on purpose and my mom aunt and grandma Sat me down and asked me if I was wetting the bed just so I could wear diapers and I could never lie so I said yes I like diapers and told them how they made me think so after that they let me wear diapers at night and after school and on the weekends and now that I'm an adult and have a damaged prostate I have to wear diapers for urinary incontinence so I started out wearing diapers when I was born and then they were a pink then because I loved them and now because I need them but even if I didn't need them I would wear diapers 24/7

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