Bladder and prostate removed due to bladder cancer

Hello to everyone!

After dealing with bladder cancer for 5 years, the decision was made for removal. I qualified for an internal "Florida Pouch" which is fashioned from a piece of intestine. It generates mucous, and I must irrigate at least 4 times a day ... supposedly, after a time, the mucous will stop being produced. Meanwhile, I'm a prisoner because the catheter can clog at any time.

Anyone else have this procedure? The pouch only holds 500 ml. One 16 ounce drink equals 473 ml and then there is constant urine production. SIGH!

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  • No, but my husband may need it soon. Thankfully, he is cancer free now. He had radiation seeding but it is basically "eating away" his bladder. He's had a supra-pubic catheter for over 2 years and now it is a constant issue with ER visits every 3-4 weeks due to pain and constriction. Do you think the "Florida Pouch" would help?


  • Hi, Viki,


    If he has no cancer cells in his urethra he may be a candidate for a neobladder. This will result in his ability to train his stomach muscles to pass urine as before. Some folks with neobladders still need to  catheterize to various degrees.

    The Florida (or Indiana) pouch is fashioned from intestine and requires irrigation every 3-4 hours at first. After some time, the mucous generated will diminish (lots of vitamin C helps). It is preferable to some people versus the external stoma with a bag. Hope this helps! Good luck to him!


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