A diet based on your body

There is no need for a reducing diet, a diet for diabetes and a diet for heart disease, etc.... Only one diet... a diet based on the requirements of your body... will do it all... Reduce excess pounds, build a strong immune system to keep you well, build your energy levels, and help to prevent disease. 
Losing excess weight and keeping it off does not require a yoyo diet, back breaking exercise, counting calories, taking dangerous pills, buying special meals, or joining a club. What it does require is common sense. Your body is an electrical engine which is driven by energy both from the sun and from the fruits and vegetables grown in the sun, and minerals from the soil in which these fruits and vegetables were grown. Try to run your automobile engine with the wrong fuel and it will break down. Your body is the same. You must feed your body the right fuel to develop a strong immune system, stay healthy and avoid obesity. 
Today, good diet is more about eliminating harmful foods than about what foods to eat. Humans have been living off the land for tens of thousands of years, fueling their bodies with natural foods provided by the creator. Until about 75 years ago nearly everything we ate was locally grown organic fruits and vegetables and free range animals. However, for the past 75 years, to a larger and larger degree corporations more concerned about their profit margins than with our health,  have been feeding us unnatural, chemical laden foods high in sugars, salt, genetically modified foods (GMO's) and saturated fats and this has resulted in numerous health repercussions. Once you eliminate the processed foods, sugars, dairy, commercially grown meats, GMO's, refined carbohydrates, and foods which come from the ocean,  you are pretty much left with a healthy, organic diet. 
Bottom line - The ideal diet  should consist of mainly  fruits and vegetables, except for white potatoes and corn, whole grains, tree nuts (but no peanuts), legumes like beans peas and lentils, mushrooms, organic wildflower honey, tea, filtered water, herbs and spices and limited amounts of  olive oil, coconut oil, walnut oil or almond oil, Himalayan pink sea salt, almond milk or coconut milk. And, if you are adverse to a vegan diet, up to 2 eggs a day, or 3 ounces of  either organic chicken or turkey or 3 ounces of grass fed beef per day.  If you  must have bread, then  add up to 2 slices per day of a healthy bread such as  bakery rye bread, or an all whole  grain bread.

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