Anyone have experience with Medtronic Wings Quilted and Plus Quilted Briefs?

The product descriptions sound good and the prices are very good.

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  • I have that was the first kind I had sent to me in the mail and for the price they are very good diapers I use abdl diapers now because as long as I have to wear diapers then I figured they should at least be cute and comfortable I wear pink diapers the most because it really shocks people to see a grown man wearing pink baby like diapers I love seeing people's faces and when I meet someone who thinks it's cute or doesn't judge me then I know I have met a good person

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  • At some point the Wings assembly factory had a malfunction and MILLIONS of diapers were shipped to suppliers that were cut offcenter by a full 2", making them impossible to use. The shipments are still being sold to this day and I recommend another diaper for some time to come.

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  • I just donated hundreds of packages of Wings to Goodwill cuz of this

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  • Are those the blue or green briefs?   I think they had Me in those. when I was in a long term acute care facility.  They leak and are uncomfortable if they are really wet.  Several times I actually soiled badly enough to blowout and make a mess in My wheelchair or bed. So they started using the next size up extra large. But just not a good product for full incontinence. Especially for overnight.  


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