I'm the caretaker of my husband

Is being obsessed with sex meaning he has been pawing me every chance he can asking to see my naked body and saying can he touch this or that every time he sees me every day this week.

What's going to happen when he has no self control governor at all.  already  he doesn't  realize he cant even understand simple sentences at times  and asked me to take over the bills.

I read demetia/altzimer patients do not even know what they do is wrong.

I tolerated this behavior for  a few days  as he'd say i was beautiful and he love me etc.  but i have to put a stop to him treating me like a trap and sex toy  there's more but no point in saying more.

Someone told me this disease steals all the good from the person.

And this is true  

The doc told me hes probably had this for several years before being diagnosed.  

I am losing the  person i married.    It is sad of course but now its getting  that i have to hide from him and avoid letting him get to close.   i'm both scared and feeling trapped.

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