My husband is bedridden, aphasic and has diminished cognitive skills.  I just wanted to share a brand of diaper that works for us Confi-Dry 24/7. (XD Supply sells them.)  They're more expensive but often we only need to change them twice a day.  As good as these are we still have leaking because of pressing on the diapers.  So we also use disposable pads made by Prevail, Betty Mills sells them.  Hope that helps. 

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  • You may try the all new MegaMax diaper produced by NorthShoreCare

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  • Extreme 12 hour absorbency and wicking ability. Large, heavy-duty refastenable tape tabs with a full landing zone to keep the brief snug and comfortable. Extra-wide, extra-long absorbent core for added protection for side sleepers. Smooth plastic exterior to resist sagging and odors. Body-close elastics in front & rear waistband.

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    • Scott Turner (Farmer) Yes.  I tried the MegaMax XL.  They held 7 full bladders.  (I have urinary urge incontinence so when IT starts, there's no stopping it.)  While the diapers are expensive per each, they're much more reasonable per wetting.

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  • I have been incontinent for along time due to being a diabetic. My wife and I agreed after a lot accidents that I needed to wear diapers to protect things. I use northshore brand. Good luck.

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  • Hi Lisa. I'm a 51 year old disabled woman. I'm quadriplegic and need 24/7 care. I spend a lot of time in bed. Its a big deal just to get Me dressed and transfered to My wheelchair and do anything. We have used the Confidry  briefs. Yes they are a great brief for times You can't be changed right away. We usually use the Tranquility ATN briefs boosters etc. I'm usually on a pad in My wheelchair and always in bed. 

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  • Thank you. I am navigating this new territory to help care for a 83 yo male with severe spinal cord injury. 

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      Lan Nguyen Bless You for helping in care giving . Its a lot of work. With spinal cord injurys skin care is really important. So many other issues as well. Good luck. 

  • Sugar major cause of incontinence. The  less  immunity you have and the older you are, the less bladder control you have when you eat carbohydrates i.e., grains and sugar of any type. Tell everyone. Thank you. 

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