Heel pressure bruising and severe lymphedema

Hi - I have a painful pressure bruise on my left heel - I also have severe lymphedema in my lower legs and feet and am wondering which heel protector would be best likely to fit.  Thank you!  :)

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  • As do I Nancy.  Heal pain/pressure primarily  due to lymphedema & secondary to immobility of your feet /heals requires vigilance.

    >Daily visual inspection either by care giver or self via mirror, take pic of site.

    > Frequent repositioning  with support beneath mid/lower calf. DIY prepped small  tubular shapped foam wrapped towels or pillow. 

    This aides to elevate that foot/heel avoids/reduces excess  friction.

    >Must keep skin clean.

    >Moisturized  skin yields tissue surface without cracking always applying gentle message.

    >Try a heel protector constructed of light weight  foam, "egg crate" type shell with synthetic washable sheep skin linings.  Like soxes/shoes you should  switch/rotate between a few types. Truly this choice is trial to determine best fit.

    Best of luck.


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