Feet - Top of My Feet are Hurting

The top of my feet have been hurting for some time. My primary doctor prescribed Gabapentin 300 and it helps a lot. I am a kidney transplant patient and can't take a lot of pills. My question is there some other type of treatment that would not include pills that i could try? I am just wondering. Thank you

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  • This may sound a bit strange, but it worked for me.  The solution was approved by my endocrinologist.  The solution was to apply linimint

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  • Get well soon dear.

  • my brother is having a lot of problems with his feet

  • I have not found anything that really helps. My niece said CBD oil works well on hers.

  • My son's feet swell up when his salt intake gets too high, not sure what exactly your situation (he has Type 1 ) is but if you can put some pillows under your feet, just enough that is leveled above your heart, not sure if I am describing this right, prop your feet up? Anyhow, have someone massage your legs to get the circulation going, try to stay off your feet for an hour or two,  That what I have my son do, (he gets on his laptop and researches for his DnD games :) ) Usually in a couple of days, the swelling goes away.  But always keep your doctor informed of any little detail that goes with it. Always get professional help, we as a community can only put our two cents in.  And it is up to us to stay well informed and to spread the awareness in the information.  Always keep and stay in touch with your health, listen to your body always.  And if you are not feeling good, reach out and tell someone! Grateful in all your do.

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  • I have nerve damage in my foot.  I use Frankincense and Myrrh oil.  I spray it on or massage it in.  I buy it at Etsy. Takes away my pain..

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  • one nature treatment would be Japanese purple sweet potatoes


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