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  • Not selling here...but try Red Tea! My M.D recommended it to me for digestion/weight loss and blood glucose issues, but found it has properties that burn fat and prohibit the formation of fat cells! My elimination went from 2-3 times a week to twice daily! My skin is healthier and my hair is shiny! My Doctor lost 15 pounds on it and he has all of his patients on it! It's NOT a gimmick, and it works like a charm! 

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  • Dear Mr. Hartzell, I have a rare, genetic, Spinal Canal condition called Lipomatosis. That, combined with severe Lower back conditions( several bulging discs, sciatica frontal and back, stenosis, edema,  and chronic pain. Being rather sedentary, this condition has caused me (over the past 7 years)  to gain at least 100 unwanted pounds. How much weight have you been able to lose using Red Tea? I still have my Upper Body strength, but as you can imagine this can be quite depressing due to the fact that prior to this all happening(2010) I was a Certified Executive Chef and worked hard to achieve that status. 40 years in the Hospitality Industry, plus obtaining a degree from Johnson & Wales University. I STILL try to remain positive since the doctors told me I would probably never walk again. Well, within 3 years and intensive PT I AM walking today although I'm also enduring quite a bit of pain. I'm afraid I'll have to return to more Physical Therapy. I like the idea  of using the Red Tea and will certainly follow-up with it. Thank you for the advice and I wish for you all the Best In Your Future endeavors!!  Frank McPhillips   

  • P.S. Robbie-  You can also respond to me on my Facebook page under F.X. McPhillips. ThanksAs Always, Good Day Sir !! Frank.

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