What's the best adult diaper for incontinence?

Looking for an easy to use and effective adult diaper for incontinence. thanks

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  • its best to try different thing till you find one you like your self 

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  • Hi All, we just recently launched  a new line of heavy absorbency premium briefs, pads and underwear from Attends.   You can find them here !    Use coupon code ForumAP10 on your first order and save 10% !  Cheers   --Betty  


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  • 😄Tena Women heavy protection super plus is excellent for absorbency.

  • Prevail. Good product for night too and good price 

  • we started using Molicare for our son and they seem to work really well.  They have worked suprisingly well over night too. but i agree that it does very by person and the amount of liquid that you need the diaper to absorb. Sometimes you have to change it up as the needs change.

  • SENI is an excellent brand for the elderly.  They make different absorbency levels and the quality of material is far better than majority of the brands.  As a caregiver I recommend it for night time  use. It allows you and your loved one more rest due to less changes at name due to more absorption.  Also it's more expensive... but worth it.  Feel free to use a different brand for daytime.

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      Pamela King I use the Seni products during the Day and Better Dry at Night. Betty Mills don't sell the Better Dry Diapers but LLMedico ,XP Medical and NorthShore Care does they cost more but I use less and have very little leaks and use less of these products.

  • Also... the use of ointments are very important as well as a good  brief for incontinence.  You want to protect the skin as much as possible. 

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    • Pamela King   The molicare line is undermined by the use of barrier creams.  Tena is also.

  • I use tranquility topliner have not tried some of the other brands listed here but will look into them.

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  • Hi Carol,  I have found that for my daughter the Prevail Overnight Underwear with Maxsorb Technology works beautifully.  They are very affordable and a superior product above any I've tried.

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  • Tranquillity Overnight is by far the best IMO. They cost more but hold more fluid. You can pour a 24oz bottle of water no leaks and nearly dry to the touch.

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