Diaper Fit and Confidence

The best way to find a good fit for a diaper is by making sure you have the right size. Usually most adult diapers go by waist size and weight. It is kind of critical to make sure they fit well around your legs too for fewer leaks. The better fitting diaper you can get the better confidence you will have.

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  • Nice picture!!  😉   

    My 40 year old daughter is very small.  She use to wear Small Attends, but they are too small now.  I am trying to find something similar, but it seems like all of the diapers go from small to medium.....and the medium is like 44 inches wide.  She swims in them.  Can you suggest an alternative????

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    • Melody Reed hi Melody and thank you for the comment on my picture. I would probably suggest you buy or look for youth sized diapers. I know tranquility sells a youth size I am pretty certain on that. They are a smaller size then small and they might be the best option for your daughter most likely. 😀

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  • You want to make sure too that the diaper covers every area it should. Front middle back. The leg cuffs on a diaper shouldn’t be always pinching into you’re skin. Sometimes that can be hard not to have happen. The waist should also be snug but not too over tight and not really loose.

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  • I find the best fitting daper is one that has a stand  up rim around the legs, so you do not risk having it leak.  So far I've been very lucky with the fit.

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  • Go for Youth Size. And no, actually they shouldn't ever pinch your skin. If that happens, try a different size/brand altogether. Diapers should never pinch and should be adjusted/replaced if they do. Your diaper/nappy should fit like a normal pair of underwear, with exception that the sides will be more snug to your legs/hips. Still, however, they should never pinch. Different hips/butt sizes/lengths/curvatures/etc can cause different diapers to fit differently depending on the person using them. Women have different shaped hips than men as well, so you always have to adjust and make fit according to individual user vs individual brands.

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  • Youth size is too small for my daughter.  She has gained some weight.  I have tried almost every brand, and am still not satisfied.  

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    • Melody Reed What is your daughter's waist size?

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    • Melody Reed And have you tried the new plastic backed Depends Maximum Protection w/ Tabs? Their S/M size is a singular size for both small and medium and has waistbands, and may be a better fit.

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    • Scott Keyser 

      Around 32"

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    • Melody Reed Tranquility has a few that may help like the ATN and the newer EliteCare diapers they have. Depending on fit vs leaks, other good ones I have had are the Seni series like the Super Quatro and the Super Quatro Plus(Amazon). The Depends Protection with Tabs though are one of the best cuz you can adjust any of the 6 tabs for a better fit all around

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    • Melody Reed I use the MegaMax from NorthShoreCare.com for nights.

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    • Scott Keyser thanks for providing great first hand detailed information.  We recently launched a sample program with Seni.    Forum members reading this can call to our toll free 800 number and request a Seni sample.   For those who do obtain a sample, we would love to hear your feedback here on the forum.   Thank you ! -- Betty



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    • Betty Mills I did in fact take part in the Seni Free Sample recently for the cotton-backed, Super Quatro Adult Briefs "with 4 Tape Tabs". I will in fact be doing a separate review of them after I have had a chance to purchase an actual package/case of them for better review. The 2 samples were great, don't get me wrong, but to get a real feel for a diaper, one has to use them pretty much 24/7 or as needed for the specific case *i.e. nighttime use* and I feel it's best to test the Free Sample, and if you think it is a good enough test, go for a package of 10+ to get a better feel for them on a more regular basis, and if all else fails, give her a final test on a half case/case *usually depends on a specific company sending 30-96 being half case or full case* and get a good full run out of the product. If, by then, you haven't got a proper feel for them, move on to another diaper.

      In my history, I have tried many different companies, brands, distributors, etc, and I'm still on the hunt myself for a better diaper. Not necessarily jumping headfirst into the ABDL category with the 4500ML capacity diapers, but something less discreet and for personal, medically required use, not "entertainment purposes" like ABDL products with cute prints and whatnot are normally aimed at. I just want a non leaking size 34" diaper, plastic-backed, that hugs all 360 degrees of the hips/groin, and does everything possible to prevent leakage, including standing leg guards and stretchable waistbands, which is why I actually promote the 6-Tab Depends Protection with Tabs Diaper that they recently re-did.

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    • Betty Mills As a victim of sexual abuse from toddler to age 9 by my biological father, I have spent my entire life in diapers. Needed for both forms of incontinence, urinary and fecal due to irreparable, permanent damage on both sides from the trauma. With the inability to feel anything coming in the first place, its sometimes hard to notice when a product is "over-capacity" and can lead to embarrassing incidents in public that are beyond one's control. Not having the muscle strength or "sensation" to notice when I "have to go" basically leads to just an "open gate effect" where nothing in my body actually tries to hold pee or feces back and have no control or muscle recognition to even do so in the first place. This leads to having to limit being out in public, making one's life rough and lonesome without a real way to go out in public and enjoy life as a "normal person without incontinence of any form" would.

      Some have "IBS" to blame, forms of irritable bowel syndrome, that's understandable they have to stay home/near a toilet and can't really go anywhere. Sometimes not having to do a #2 for up to 0-24 hours "apparently, based on experience", it is literally impossible to know when to be ready for it, especially in my case. Everyone uses diapers for different medical purposes, some of us have more restrictions that need a better diaper. Basically, it would be nice to see an adult diaper created that has the same 360 degree fit/protection that i have seen baby diapers have and hold in the past.

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  • In honesty it's hard to find a nonleaking diaper and sometimes it is beneficial to use booster pads in slightly larger diapers for more absorbency. On a 32" waist you could go for the 36-44 waist size and add one of the super absorbent booster pads, helping take up some of the rest of the empty area in the diaper.

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